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JOSE RAMIREZ 1a Meister- Konzertgitarre. Sie ist aus 2013 und wie neu!
Sie ist handgebaut und handsigniert – durch und durch ein Meisterinstrument!
Zarge und Boden: Palisander, massiv
Decke : Zeder, massiv
Griffbrett: Ebenholz
Mensur: 66,5 cm
Halsbreite Obersattel: 54 mm
Halsdicke am Obersattel: 21 mm
Lack: Nitrolack
Der Klang dieser Gitarre ist vollkommen repräsentativ für Ramirez: weich, warm und voller Charme. Die Bässe sind tief und sehr präsent und der Diskant klingt glockenähnlich. Diese Gitarre steht für eine ganze Epoche, und ihr Klang war während mehrerer Jahrzehnte ein Vorbild für zahlreiche Gitarrenbauer.
Die Gitarre ist optisch eine Augenweide und hat lediglich auf der Decke einen winzigen reparierten Haarriss. Klanglich ist sie auch wirklich eine Offenbarung.
What to say about this guitar?
Its one of the sweetest sounding classical guitars I ever heard. It has the typical Ramirez sound, which fills every room. Huge base and singing trebles. Round, warm and lovely – with an amazing sustain.
Built by Jose Ramirez with the most unique and beautiful cedar top and a 665 mm scale, which really does deliver the tonal qualities of the 1963 Ramirez ‘Segovia’ … this is a guitar which will make the very best and most experienced player take notice.
Back and sides are beautiful rosewood!!!’

Its in a pervect playing condition, with a straight neck and a low action. It has a tiny repaired hairline crack on the top.

From its foundation 1882 to the present moment, the Ramírez workshop has maintained it’s basic traditions.
Much is owed to the traditions set out by Jose Ramirez (l) but it is the concepts and ideas of Jose Ramirez lll which revolutionized the classical guitar, in particular the concert 1a model.
Now, Amalia Ramirez personally supervises the construction process from start to finish, and all of the guitars must receive her final approval to indicate they are of the highest quality. Her desire is to practice the time honored tradition of her fathers and build the very best guitar possible.
All concert model 1a guitars are hand made by dedicated Ramirez luthiers.
The Ramirez concert guitar has developed over the last 125 year and one thing remains consistant…the design, quality and craftsmanship of all there concerts guitars is first class.
If you own a Ramirez then you own a pice of history.