José Ramirez 1a 1964


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An awesome guitar from the best time of Ramirez !!! Such a Ramirez, was played by the legendary Sabicas and used for his recordings. Many other professional flamenco guitarists also confirm again and again that the flamenco guitars built under José Ramirez III from  the 60’s are the best you can get.
In the meantime, I have had hundreds of high-end guitars in my hands. Such a powerful and yet charming tone is rarely found. The guitar has basses like no other and is still balanced over the entire fretboard.
It fills the room with sweet tones, fascinates the listener and at the same time inspires the guitarist.
In addition the guitar is as light as a feather and plays almost by itself. It has a low action and is set up very well.
The guitar has got some play wear. It also got some cracks here and there. It has recently been professionally restored. Now it looks great again.
The scale length is 655 mm and the nut width 51 mm. It has a spruce top and cypress back and sides.
It comes with a suitable guitar case.