José Ramirez 1961


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The Ramirez family started producing guitars in 1882. Not only do they have a long tradition and history, but Ramírez probably influenced the history of guitar making like no one else. Almost all of the famous guitarists play or played Ramirez guitars.
This model is very special. It was built by Félix Manzanero in 1961 one of the best luthiers in the history of Ramírez, who is perhaps with Paulino Bernabe the most famous of the Ramírez builders.
The condition of the guitar is excellent.
It is perfectly adjusted and very easy to play.
Soundwise, it’s a true revelation. I can’t imagine a better flamenco sound.
It’s light as a feather and has a gigantic sound volume.
The condition of the guitar is truly amazing and its condition is excellent despite the years it only shows light marks of use. It is original and has no cracks of any kind.
The scale lenghts is 655mm and the nut width is 53mm. The guitar comes with the original case from the time.