A beautiful guitar from the Ramirez shop.
For five generations, the Ramirez dynasty of guitar builders in Spain has been producing their Ramirez guitars.
Ramirez was founded in 1882 in Madrid (Spain). Ramirez has always stood for highest quality and best workmanship.
Many well-known Spanish guitar builders learned in the Ramirez shop. They have had a big influence on the history of guitars and have always been the benchmark and role model for many other guitar builders.
This guitar is a typical and beautiful example of the time of Ramirez II. It has a beautiful and balanced sound that has evolved beautifully over time.
Playing this guitar makes you feel like you’re in a different time and it’s great for playing the old pieces of the great masters.
It has a scale length of 648 mm and a nut width of 51 mm. The top is made of beautiful spruce and the back as well as the sides are made of wonderful cypress wood with a unique grain.
The guitar is in a good condition, slightly restored with a stable repair on the upper left side.