José Ramirez 1952


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Here is another jewel from the workshop of José Ramirez from 1952! These classical guitars by Ramirez became world famous in the 60’s through Segovia, but Ramirez startet to built them earlier.
This guitar is such a masterpiece!
Ramirez II almost exclusively built guitars in the traditional style, with cypress back and sides. With Ramirez III, who was famous for his innovations and experiments, a new style came in the Ramirez art of guitar making, revolutionizing the classical guitar.
Tonally you get a very special guitar with this one here. 66 years matured wood – where can you find something similar in such a condition.
A new guitar can not compete with it and you really get the ultimate sound experience here.
The basses are very powerful and yet the guitar is wonderfully balanced – it has a mystical and charming vintage sound. The guitar is also feather-light and you feel the vibration of every single note.
It is in a wonderful playing condition – perfectly adjusted! The guitar has been restorded and looks great now.