José Ramirez 1944


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Here is another piece of art from a collection. A José Ramirez from 1944! These rosewood guitars by Ramirez became world famous in the 60’s through Segovia. But they were built before that time.
This guitar is such a masterpiece! A wonderful spruce top and beautiful rosewood back and sides.
Ramirez II built guitars almost exclusively in the traditional style, with cypress back and sides. With Ramirez III, who was famous for his innovations and experiments, then came new ideas into the way of making guitars at Ramirez, which culminated in the revolution of the classical guitar, as we know it today.
Sonically you get an absolute treat here.
The basses are very powerful and yet the guitar is wonderfully balanced – it has a mystical and charming vintage sound. The guitar is also feather-light and you can feel the vibration while playing clearly on the body.
It is perfectly playable, has a new set up and was professionally restored many years ago. Various repairs were done on the guitar.