José Ramirez 1935

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The Ramirez family is the most illustrious dynasty in the guitar world. The saga started around 1870 when José Ramirez I finished his education with Francisco González and set up his own workshop.
José Ramirez II (1885-1957), who made this guitar, lived for many years in South America where he became a close friend of Augustin Barrios. Many of the greatest guitarists, in both classical and flamenco, has played Ramírez instruments.
This guitar is definitely a great classical guitar. The Ramirez family has always tryed to improve and experiment on guitars – this guitar is surely one of their early results.
They have used very exotic tonewood on this one and it is even hard for us to tell which kind of wood it is. After some time of consideration, we came to the point that it is some sort of koa wood, which they used for the whole body.
The scale length of this guitar is 653 mm and the nut width 52 mm.
It is in a beautiful and restored condition and the old frensh polish has been nicely refreshed.
The sound of this guitar is deep and has a nice vintage nuance. The construction and the wood allows the tone to create the most beautiful timbres.
The guitar is very well adjusted and plays like a dream. It comes with a suitable hard case.