José Ramirez 1935


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The Ramirez guitar dynasty has been building guitars since 1882, played by many world-famous guitarists such as Julian Bream, Andres Segovia, Laurindo Almeida, Oscar Ghiglia, Jose Luis Gonzales and many others.
Ramirez has influenced the development of the classical guitar like nobody else and has always been a trendsetter in guitar building.
This guitar by José Ramirez II from 1935 is something special and was made especially for a classical guitarist. Ramirez II mainly built guitars with back and sides made of cypress and in plain design.
However, a great effort was made here. The guitar has special woods and the decorations are unique and so rare to find.
The scale of the guitar is 650 mm and the nut width 51 mm. The neck is straight and the action comfortably low. The guitar plays effortlessly.
The sound is mature and reminds very much of what we know from the Torres guitars. Wonderfully balanced and yet powerful. For the lover of old guitars an absolute pleasure and an enrichment for every collection.
The guitar is in restored condition. There are some repaired cracks that have been repaired over time by various guitar builders. Everything is stable and the guitar is ready for the next stage.
It comes in a solid guitar case.