Johann Gottlieb Knößing model ~1925


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This unique piece is a master guitar based on the famous guitar by Johann Gottlieb Knößing 1807 (from the guitar museum in Markneukirchen).

Ricard Jacob Weißgerber was the first to use this beautiful guitar by Knößing as a model for his reproduction. He was followed by other guitar makers of the time and even today the Knößing guitar is one of the most popular romantic guitars and has been copied by many guitar makers.
The construction is ingenious … the guitar is particularly impressive because of the independent approach to the shape of the pegbox and has beautiful inlays and shapes.

This guitar can be attributed to the master guitar maker Johann Christian Friedrich Kessler from Markneukirchen, since according to museum records he borrowed the original Knößing guitar in 1925.
A detailed appraisal of the guitar by expert Christof Hanusch comes with the guitar.

For the dimensions and materials of the guitar, please refer to the attached excerpts of the expert appraisal.

The sound is powerful and sweet at the same time – it has a deep body and this creates a sublime, almost majestic sound. Combined with the shape of the body, the sound is very finely projected and has a very sweet and mellow note.
Overall, the sound is beautiful, masterful with concert quality – the guitar was certainly an instrument for professional use.
The clarity of the tones combines with exceptional tonal flexibility. As a result, the guitar offers the magic that only an old, masterfully built guitar can produce. It has a wide range of beautiful timbres in all registers.

Minor repairs have been made to the guitar over the years. Overall, it is in excellent condition for its age. It plays well, with a comfortable action and it has a straight neck.


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