Jeronimo Pena 2010 “Andres Segovia” Re-Mayor


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Incredible guitar by Jeronimo Pena – it sounds as good as it looks and is an extraordinary guitar through and through!
Jeronimo Pena’s guitars have often been compared to those of Ignacio Fleta with that haunting, mysterious and dark sound, combined with a substantial power.

Jeronimo Pena Fernandez’s heavily decorated guitars are perhaps most immediately recognizable by their bold construction details and overall original style.
His excellent training in carpentry and furniture making was not lost on Pena’s guitars, just look at the elaborate woodwork on the bridge and headstock. 
He was one of Spain’s premium guitar makers. His instruments belong to the upper class in terms of sound and workmanship.
He retired a few years ago and this guitar is one of his last masterpieces.

Andres Segovia played a guitar by Jeronimo Pena and together with Segovia, Jeronimo Pena developed this special model “Re-Mayor”.
An instrument tuned in E that develops great dynamics especially in the concert hall.

The sound of this guitar is powerful, thick and dark – as elegant and majestic as its appearance. It impresses with a great volume and a very distinctive tone.
The sound is relly incredible and special – very deep and complex with huge dynamic range and balance. It also has a firmness in the fundamental which provides great projection in larger venues.
The sustain is almost endless and it impresses with a roomfilling sound.

The condition is amazing and the guitar is like new. A few years back, when Pena was already retired, the owner brought it to him for a check and they had some talk over it. Pena was very happy to see his masterpiece in such a great condition.
It plays easily with a low action. The scale length is 650 mm and the nut width 53 mm. The top is made of very fine spruce, back and sides of beautiful rosewood.
It comes with the original case.

This guitar is a great example of one of the most admirable luthiers of the twentieth century.


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