Italian romantik guitar ~1850


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Masterbuilt Italian romantic guitar with beautiful decorations from around 1850!

This guitar is particularly remarkable for its elaborate inlayworks, its fine construction and its nice materials. Even the fretboard has mother of pearl inlays all over, which makes this nice instrument a piece of art and highly decorative. The woods are of first class quality and the mechanics of the best at this time. The construction of this guitar is of the highest standarts. One can really only speak in superlative terms about this guitar.

The label reads: Antonius Gagliano Filius Nicolai fecit Neap. 1788

We believe that this label is more to understand as a dedication to this master builder or a reference to a particular guitar model by Gagliano. There is no other sign to find out who the builder is. The way of construction and its style dates this guitar to around 1850.

The sound of this guitar is impressive. It is a very good example of a guitar from this time. It is very well suited to revive the music of this time and to move the player mentally into another world.

The condition is very good for the age of the guitar. Light restoration work was carried out, during which the guitar was left in its original condition.
The guitar has also been adjusted so that it can be played perfectly.