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Beautiful contra guitar (Schrammel guitar) in the style of a Viennese Stauffer guitar – by Horst Dietrich.

This type of guitar was invented in Vienna in the middle of the 19th century and quickly became very popular.
Famous guitar makers such as Johan Georg Stauffer, Johann Gottfried Scherzer and Franz Angerer made such instruments.
The contra guitar is therefore ideally suited for accompaniment in the field of folk music and Schrammel music. Nowadays it is also used in modern music and jazz.

This beautiful guitar was built in the style of one of the famous Viennese guitars by Horst Dietrich.

The Dietrich family is a traditional family of guitar builders. About 110 years ago the company was founded by Paul Dietrich.
The successors were Horst Dietrich, Frank Peter Dietrich and today the company is managed by Markus Dietrich.

Dietrich guitars stand for quality and tradition.

It unmistakably has the Stauffer headstock construction and is also otherwise completely built in the traditional Viennese style.
The guitar can be dated around 1960. 
It has 15 strings and an adjustable neck.

The sound is very beautiful, masterly with concert quality. It has a sound with a lot of clarity, but at the same time an incredible tonal flexibility.At the same time it provides the magic that only an old, masterfully built guitar can create.
The guitar has a good response and can be surprisingly loud. At the same time it preserves a wide range of beautiful timbres in all registers.

The condition is very good for its age. Slight restorations have been made to bring the guitar into a playable and all-round stable condition.