Heidi Pulfer Torres Modell – Romanillos Style


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This handmade guitar from Heidi Pulfer is an extraordinary piece – a custom-made guitar with a shortened scale!
Heidi Pulfer is an experienced guitar maker from Switzerland. She lives in Rimini, Italy, and together with her husband (violin maker) she dedicates herself intensively to the creation of first-class handmade instruments.
She learned the art of guitar building early on and then refined it with José Romanillos. In her workshop in Rimini she builds guitars in very small numbers in order to meet the highest quality standards.
Her instruments are played by numerous outstanding artists all over the world. Frank Bungarten and Andeas Van Zoest, to name but a few, are among the customers of Heidi Pulfer.
This guitar is a special design with a scale of 62.7 mm and a nut width of 51 mm.
This makes the guitar very easy to play and comfortable all around.
The sound is really outstanding. The guitar has an enormous power and dynamics. It is lively and reacts very precisely. The sound is very clear and the guitar brings out the most beautiful timbres. This guitar is worked out to the finest detail and therefore unfolds a unique sound.
The condition of the guitar is very good. It has been treated very carefully and therefore there are hardly any traces of use visible.
The guitar comes with the original case.
Instruments from Heidi Pulfer cost 6000 € and more and therefore this offer is a good opportunity to get such a high quality instrument at an affordable price.