Gurian J-M 1978

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A very nice Gurian J-M from the C-series made in 1978. This Rare guitar is one of the Gurian models Paul Simon played and cherished over the years, being one of his favorite Guitars. Built in New Hampshire back in 1978, Gurian guitars are thought of as one of the most important forerunners of small production guitars like Collings, Santa Cruz, and so many others. We are Delighted again to offer this excellent example of historic American steel string lutherie.

This guitar has been played but is cherished, Has no cracks, and no misuse, only a few marks from play and use.
Despite the years of use, the frets are in good condition and the playability is superb. The tone would be best describid as typicall Gurian … Strong mids, excellent Bass and trebs, and beautiful sophisticated sound overall.

The serial #C3095 making this guitar a 1975 model. The Scale is 650mm, The Body size J should be best compared to a OM+ body, a bit deeper a tiny bit wider. This highly regarded Guitar is an excellent choice for the serious fingerstyle players, who seek a guitar that is not only suitable for standard fingerstyle work, the long scale make her suitable for alternate tunings, and the body size will allow for a fair amount of strumming.


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