Grimaldos Zapata 2007

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Grimaldos Zapata 2007 – if you are looking for a very good sounding and nice playing flamenco guitar at an affordable price … don’t look any further!

During our many trips to Spain, we sometimes find guitars from internationally relatively unknown guitar makers that impress us very much. This was the case with this guitar by Grimaldos Zapata – it is very well built and has an impressive flamenco sound that we know from the great master guitars.

The guitar is very light and has a spruce top and beautiful cypress back and sides.
The scale length is 650 mm and the nut width 52 mm. It plays extremly well all the way down the neck.

It has a traditional flamenco sound in perfection. It has a fast attack and a sharp flamenco tone, which immediately excites and thrills you.
It has beautiful basses and is nevertheless a very balanced instrument. The tone is a perfect blend of beauty and true flamenco aggressiveness. If massaged by the player, it sings with a sweet voice that is warm and full, but if pushed, even just a little – it awakens with a powerful bark that only the best flamenco guitars can produce.
A beautiful guitar – simply guaranteed to fall in love with!!


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