Gibson Super 400 C 1960


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Gibson Super 400 C 1960 – probaly one of the coolest Gibson Super 400’s ever – sounds and plays like a dream!

The Super 400 originally debuted in 1934 as the largest guitar that Gibson had produced. It was a risky move at the time, but the company was set on protecting its reputation as a premier builder and lead the way into the future. It worked, as the Super 400 not only became the standard archtop for serious players, but put Gibson in place as the industry leader for the new era of larger jazz guitars. Over the years, it evolved, eventually gaining a cutaway, slight alterations to the body and different hardware. The model was discontinued during WWII due to supply shortages, and then was re-released in 1949. Throughout the 50’s it continued to change, including the inclusion of electronics at times. This particular version is the Super 400C, with a cutaway, but no electronics. It’s a straight acoustic, an archtop marvel, and is to die for.

This Super 400 has the power and tone to cut through the sound of a big band. The voice of this instrument is simply exceptional: clear, wide open and deeply resonant, with thundering volume and notably shimmering natural reverb in the treble register. This guitar plays like butter and sounds simply like a dream.

It is in good condition for the age. It has one repaired crack (almost invisible) on the top. Their are marks on the top from a former pickup. The neck has received a new binding and a refret. Some parts of the neck have an overspray.
Otherwise all finish on this guitar is original and the guitar comes with the original hard case.


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