Gibson L-00 1932


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Gibson L-00 from 1932 – a real cannon of a guitar. If you want a vintage flat top that none of your friends have – this is the one to buy.

Its an ultra light weight guitar, it has an elevated fretboard, the early linen side protection … really the holy grail of these Gibson models.

It’s pretty hard to argue with an old L-00. They’re killer guitars. The good ones — like this one — have that classic Gibson “simplicity” to the sound. They’re woody, plainspoken, open-sounding, and are “hifi” in that you can hear every note you’re playing distinctly. They’re not cluttered with scooped mids, complicated overtones, or sweetened highs. These are cool straight forward guitars — they shoot back what you put into them, albeit through a “woody-old-Gibson” filter. There are good reasons for these instruments to be as popular and desired as they are.

This Gibson L-00 from 1932 is an extremely rare and historically significant guitar.