Gibson J-50 1968

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This Gibson is an absolute must for players and vintage guitar fans … an outstanding sounding Gibson Dreadnouught with a super cool vintage look.

Here is a Gibson J-50 from 1968. These guitars are probably every singer-songwriter’s dream and absolutely unbeatable for studio recordings.
Gibson’s roundshoulder dreadnought guitars are legendary and widely loved.

This guitar has that typical growly bass and deep tone. It brings a huge volume paired with a mild and woody vintage nuance.
An absolute dream instrument!

In addition, the guitar is an eye-catcher and you will certainly attract attention if you show yourself with it in public.
It has a cool vintage look that has developed naturally over the many years the guitar has been played and loved.
The guitar could tell hundreds of stories and it is full of songs that have been played on it.

There are repairs to it. These have been done over the years. Everything has been checked by our luthier and the guitar is ready to go.
It is certainly not a collector’s guitar. It is a guitar for players who are looking for that magical vintage sound without having to dig too deep into their pockets!

The guitar has a neckreset. It plays great and has a low action and a straight neck. Additionally it has an L.R. Baggs piezo pickup with soundhole regulation built in.

The guitar comes with a vintage case.