Gibson J-50 1967


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What a sound …. this Gibson is simply stunningly beautiful in the sound!!!!! An original Gibson J-50 from 1967. The Gibson from the 50’s have absolute cult character. It was the guitars that were built at that time with great care under selection of high-quality materials.
They then became world-famous in the decades that followed, because it was recognized that these guitars represent one of Gibson’s best periods in terms of quality.
A real gem with character in appearance and above all in sound is also this guitar here.
Such an incredible vintage sound can only be achieved with an original and naturally aged vintage Gibson. Deep basses and a tone to fall in love with. The guitar has a great dynamic paired with a tonal mildness – quite different from the sharp tone of the newer guitars.
This guitar sounds indescribably great, so it’s hard to find the right words. But connoisseurs and insiders can probably imagine what is meant.
The guitar is in a very good condition and looks very clean. The only thing we could find was a part at the neck where at one side the fretboard was reglued to the neck. Obviously it came loose during the time and was reglued. During the process of regluing it, probably to get the glue inside, the neck got one hairline crack below the second fret.
We are trying to describe it as best as we can and have added a picture. It was checked by our luthier and is a minor, mostly optical flaw.
The neck is straight, the frets are in good shape, the action is low, the tuners are working well – nothing to worry about!
It comes with the original hard case.