Gibson J-50 1953

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This Gibson is an must-have for players and vintage guitar fans … an outstanding sounding Gibson Dreadnouught with a super cool vintage Frankenstein look.

Here is a Gibson J-50 from 1953. These guitars are certainly the dream of every singer-songwriter and absolutely unbeatable for studio recordings.
Gibson’s Roundshoulder Dreadnought guitars are legendary and popular.

This guitar has these typical growling basses and a deep tone. It brings an enormous volume paired with a mild and woody vintage nuance.
Absolutely a dream guitar!

In addition the guitar is an eye-catcher and you will surely find attention if you show yourself with it in public.
It has a cool vintage Frankenstein look, which has naturally developed over the many years in which the guitar was played and loved.
The guitar could certainly tell hundreds of stories and it is full of songs that have already been played on it.

There are some repairs to it. Over the years they have been carried out on this guitar to bring it back to life. Several cracks have been clued, it also has small patches and it has received a new finish on the top. Our luthier has checked everything and it is ready to go.
It is definitelly not a collectors piece and those who worry about cracks and repairs – its a guitar for those who want to have a players guitar, with a magical tone at a reasonable price!

The guitar has received a neckreset. It plays very well and has a low action as well as a straight neck.

The guitar comes with a newer hard case.


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