Gibson J-200 1967


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We offer you an original 1967 Gibson J-200 (serial number 408531). It does not happen every day that such a guitar comes up and this surely is a rare opportunity for all collectors, players and Gibson fans!
This guitar is iconic  and represents Gibson’s high-end instruments. Such a guitar was played by Bob Dylan, Elvis Presley and many others.
The guitar is a real gem with character in appearance and above all in sound. With this one you get the great vintage sound combined with an extremely punchy jumbo tone.
This guitar has a great power and an absolute lovely sound.
It is in a good condition, with only one old and solid crack repair. It also had a pickup installed, which has been taken out later on.
Otherwise, the guitar is in great shape. Perfectly set up with a great action, a straight neck and well-preserved frets.
It is all original and comes with its original vintage jumbo case!