Gibson J-160E 1969 Beatles Guitar


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An unique opportunity! Here is a Gibson J-160E from 1969. The guitar is from the first owner. He took care of it so that it is in a wonderful and original condition. A vintage guitar from the 60’s in such a preserved original condition is very rare.
It also comes in its original case.
The Gibson J-160E are among the most popular Gibsons because they were played by the Beatles. So John Lennon played exactly such a Roundshoulder as this one.
A little curiosity on the side: The original John Lennon guitar was auctioned off for 2.4 million dollars and is therefore the most expensive guitar in the world!
The guitar is perfectly adjusted and you can start right away. It has a wonderful sound and when you amplify it, you really feel like you’re in a different time.
The neck is straight, the frets are in top condition and the action is perfect. It has no repairs, cracks, breaks or anything else. Amazing Vintage Condition, Very clean.
This offer is a real opportunity for collectors and players !