French romantic guitar ~1820


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Romantic guitar from France ~ 1820 – a beautifully crafted and very good sounding guitar.

This romantic guitar is something special. It is from the time around 1820 and still has the headstock of a baroque guitar. In addition the original wooden case is still preserved, which alone is a rarity.
From the construction it can be attributed to a French guitar. There is no reference of the builder.

It is simple but built using the best materials.
Beautiful maple and a wonderful spruce top was used.
The scale length is 62,4 mm and the nut width 45 mm.

The guitar sounds fantastic and can certainly compete with other instruments made by master builders of that time. It has that magical sound that immediately takes you to another time and far away places.
A dream guitar that produces the most beautiful timbres. It also has the volume and power you would wish for such a guitar.

The condition is very good for the age. Slight restorations have been made over the years. The guitar plays easily, with a straight neck and a pleasant low action.