Franz Kaspar ~1910


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Franz Kaspar masterbuilt guitar ~1910 – lightly built and good sounding guitar from the grandfather of the famous Cardinal of the Curia Walter Kasper.

The Kaspar family from Wangen im Algäu (southern Germany) has quite a long tradition in instrument making.
Franz Kaspar learned from his father Dominikus Kasper, who was an excellent instrument maker.
Instrument making in the family has always been oriented towards the instruments of Viennese guitar making.
Today, the Kaspar family is more famous in other fields. The current Curia Cardinal of the Vatican, Walter Kasper, comes from this family and is the grandson of Franz Kaspar.

This beautiful handmade guitar has a spruce top and maple back/sides. The scale length is 630 mm and the nut width is 47 mm.
It can be dated to the time around 1910.

The guitar is lightly built and therefore has a good resonance. It reacts with a fast response and a loud sound. Due to its age, the sound has a very fine and charming vintage note, which makes the guitar a very characteristic instrument.
It delights the player and also the listener with a generous range of beautiful timbres.

The guitar has several older repairs, but is completely stable and well set up with a flat action. Our luthier has looked at everything.


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