Frank-Peter Dietrich – Weissgerber model (Viuhela, Tielke guitar, Chitarra battenta)


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This is a guitar built by the famous German luthier Frank-Peter Dietrich. The construction of this guitar is after a modell of Richard Jacob Weissgerber (model Vihuela).
Weissgerber made this guitar at his time (~ 1920) after an old baroque guitar of Joachim Tielke (1641-1719) and mixed the style with some aspects of the so called “Chitarra battenta”
The construction of this guitar is very beautiful. We’ve been told it would cost over 6000 €, if you order such an instrument today.
It has a spruce top and the body is of fine individuel rosewood stripes. The scale lenght is 640 mm and the nut width 49 mm.
The lenght of the guitar is 920 mm, the width of the upper body 219 mm and the lower body 278 mm.
The action is perfectly low at 3 mm E6 and 2.7 mm E1
This guitar is perfect for those, who want to play old music, baroque or classical music.
The guitar is in a good condition – small cracks and the binding has been repaired.
It comes with the original and especially for this guitar constructed hard case.