Francisco Pau classical guitar ~1870


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Master guitar of the guitar maker Francisco Pau (1830-1890) from Valencia – aesthetically and tonally an outstanding masterpiece.

Francisco Pau comes from a family of guitar builders. He took over his father’s workshop and learned from his father. He also improved his craftsmanship with the luthier A. Hernandez Carbonell.
The guitars of Francisco Pau are not only visually attractive (as it is the case with many guitars from Valencia). They are also at the top of the art of guitar building at that time in terms of sound and are counted among the best master guitars of that time.

This guitar can be dated around 1870. With a five-bar fan-braced top and a very finely crafted soundboard, it represents an absolute masterpiece of that time.
The materials are of high quality, the workmanship is excellent and the decorations are gorgeous.
A beautiful spruce top was used for this guitar, the back and sides are made of high-quality rosewood, which was hard to get at that time. Also the ebony fingerboard is a sign for the high quality of the instrument.

The appearance of the guitar is an absolute pleasure. The fine inlay work is unique and one can only guess how many master hours of craftsmanship have gone into the construction of this wonderful instrument.
The scale length is 637 mm and the nut width 50 mm.

With its large body and finely crafted top construction, this guitar is a revelation in terms of sound.
It has a wonderful vintage tone, with lyrical highs and a dark, characterful and almost mystical sound quality.
The tone is robust and lively, with great charm and personality. A fantastic historical guitar with the license to enchant!

With this guitar you get the perfect opportunity to authentically revive the great pieces of that time.
The guitar is in restored and well playable condition!


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