Francisco Montero Aguilara is a one of the most intriguing guitar makers in the younger history of flamenco and classical guitarmaking. His guitar are build very lightly and are known for being very powerful and passionate.
The woods used on his guitars are of the very highest quality, and have matured and air-dried for many years before being used. Since he only build around 18 guitars a year his guitar are also very scarce. He would make only two classes of instruments, the 1a models and the Especial, highly adorned models as shown here.

This unique model is a beautiful flamenco guitar.
It is a furious guitar, with a powerful presence, contrasting tone from bomb-like attack to sharp singing treble notes that present the passionate weeping of flaemenco so well. The aesthetics the lightness, the beautiful detailing make this guitar an exceptional guitar and there is no comparison out there.

It features cypres back and sides, a red cedar top, a beautiful adorned neck with ebony detailing, ebony fingerboard, a beautiful adorned headstock and an amazing marquetry rosette.
This is a work of art and a very collectible guitar, in excellent condition with some wear and minor signs of ageing and a small repair. 52mm nut width, 650mm scale length, with case.

Very hard to find a luthier of this level, a guitar that is played on instinct, revealing your own passion on the first touch, making play the guitar by itself.


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