Fender Stratocaster 1963 Fiesta Red

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Original Fender Stratocaster 1963 in Fieasta Red – a sought-after collector’s item from the pre-CBS era.

The Fender Stratocaster from before 1965 is probably the most legendary electric guitar in the world. Leo Fender began producing these guitars for the general public in 1954.
Production up to 1965 (pre-CBS period) was carried out under very high quality controls, small quantities and with the best materials. Therefore these guitars are very popular with players and collectors.

This guitar was built in 1963 in the special colour Fiesta Red (this information comes from the previous owner, but cannot be 100% confirmed due to the refinish). It was bought by the original owner in Denmark Street, London. It remained with the first owner all this time until he died and the heir decided to sell the guitar.

In the early 70’s the guitar was modified and humbucker pickups were fitted – the original pickup cavities were widened to accommodate the humbuckers.
It was then restored to its original condition (with the original parts) by a specialised workshop in the late 70s. The guitar was also professionally refinished there in Fiesta Red.
To optimise playability, the neck was refretted. In the process, the original veneer board was also replaced with a slab board. 2 poties were replaced and some of the cables were replaced.
The neck pickup and the bridge pickup are original. The middle pickup is a vintage pickup from the 70’s – brand unknown.

The varnish of the guitar has got a very nice vintage look with the typical finish crazing over the years.
The guitar plays fantastically and sounds incredibly good. This guitar confirms once again why these guitars are so popular. It has the typical bell-like sound and the round clear vintage tone we expect from such an instrument.

The guitar comes with a non-original vintage case.


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