Federico e Salvatore de Falco 1897 “Vinaccia”


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A very nice romantic guitar made by Federico e Salvatore de Falco 1897. These 2 builders had a close relationship with the Vinaccia familly and learned from them.

Frederico and Salvatore de Falco were brothers from Naples. Both learned from the famous Vinaccia familly. They became master guitar builder and opened their own shop. Naples is a stronghold for mandolin making. Nevertheless, very good and masterfully built guitars also come from this city.
The shops of the Vinaccia family and of the Falco brothers are famous for the very high quality of the master instruments built there.

This guitar has a fine spruce top and very impressive rosewood back and sides. The whole construction of the guitar with the beautiful inlays and the gorgeously carved headstock make the guitar a very noble instrument.
The high-quality Stauffer tuners complete the picture.
It has a nut width of 44 mm and a scale length of 640 mm.

The sound is sweet and very charming. The nice shape of the body gives this guitar a nice projection and a very sweet and mellow tone.
Overall, the sound is beautiful, masterful with concert quality – the guitar was certainly an instrument for professional use.
The clarity of the tones combines with exceptional tonal flexibility. As a result, the guitar offers the magic that only an old, masterfully built guitar can produce. It has a wide range of beautiful timbres in all registers.

Some repairs have been made to the guitar over the years. Overall, it is in good condition for its age. It plays well, with a comfortable action and it has a straight neck.


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