Estrada Gomez 1981 10-string

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An incredible sounding and very interesting 10-string classical guitar from the hands of Argentinean luthier Estrada Gomez, who enjoys a great reputation among guitarists world wide.
Estrada Gomez is considered beeing the best Argentinian lithier in the past several decades and his guitars have been sold in all famous guitar stores world wide. His guitars are known well known for their superb definition and rich volume.

This rare guitar is a 10-string classical guitar. Popularized over the years by host of great players including Narciso Yepes, Vincenzo Macaluso and Goran Sollscher, the 10-stringed guitar has proven to be a versatile instrument for particularly for performing repertoire that does not quite “fit” on the range of a normal six-string guitar.

Baroque lute music – most populary Bach and Weiss – requires most 6 string players to transpose bass notes up or down an octave in places that break the original musical flow intended by the composer. The 10-string guitar resolves many such inconveniences, and also makes it possible to perform arrangements of larger pieces originally written for the piano and orchestral settings.

The tone of this guitar has a essential warm, mysterious and moody quality that directly awakes deep emotions. It also has a great dynamic range. Each note is very intense, with the overtones closely packed in a solid and well defined key note. This gives an almost cathedral-like echo effect of the sound, which radiates from the body and gives the instrument an enormous presence – both behind the instrument from the playing position and at a distance from the listener’s perspective.

The condition is good for its age – it has only has a repaired crack on the back and some amount of wear from play and use.

The guitar comes with a hard case.


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