Are you looking for the sound of the world-famous Gerundino 1974 by Paco Pena? This Eladio Fernandez has it…

This is not a joke, it is built with the same materials, in the same workshop and with the same craftsmanship.

This Eladio Fernandez is really a very good flamenco guitar!

Eladio Fernandez is the brother and pupil of the famous Gerundino Fernandez.
At the time when Gerundino began to build guitars, Eladio toured the world as a professional flamenco guitarist.
After that he started to build guitars together with his brother.

The workshop of the two brothers is still located today in Almeria, the place that has produced some famous guitar makers and is also considered the birthplace of the modern guitar (Antonio Torres).

This beautiful flamenco guitar was built in 1992 and is signed!
The sound is incredibly powerful and corresponds to what one knows from the Fernandez brothers – a growling, dry and assertive flamenco sound that leaves nothing to be desired.
The guitar has a cedar top and cypress back and sides – this combination is pure magic. The tones almost jump out of the guitar. In addition, the guitar is light and plays with great ease – it will delight the new owner absolutely.

The scale length is 655 mm and the nut width 52 mm.

This guitar is in good condition and comes with a suitable case.


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