Early French Romantic Guitar ~1830 (Paganini Movie)

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Early romantic guitar in the style of Lacote from ~ 1830 – a beautifully crafted and very good sounding guitar. It has a bigger body and a nice deep sound!

This guitar is truly something special. It was used for the Paganini movie (The Devil’s Violinist 2013) and can be seen and heard in one bar scene (see picture). It was bought in Vienna for this movie and sold to a collector after finishing the production. A pencil marking from the filmproduction is still visible on the fretboard.

This guitar was built around 1830 with very good materials and with highly professional craftmanship. We can’t find a makers stamp anywhere, but the building style clearly makes it to a French guitar of the early romantic period.
During the time in Austria, prior to the movie production, someone has put a Stauffer label inside the guitar. The guitar has nothing to do with Stauffer!

The guitar sounds fantastic and can easily compete with the best instruments from Lacote. The bigger and deeper body gives this guitar a very bold and loud sound.
Still the sound is charming and sweet and this guitar is perfect for getting closer to the authentic sound of the music of such composers as Sor, Giuliani, Aguado, Legnani, Diabelli, Carulli, Coste and Legnani, just to name a few!
A dream guitar that produces the most beautiful timbres. It is truly a masterbuilt instrument and was surely used by a prrofessional musician at the time for concerts.

The condition is very good for the age. It has been professionally restored and made perfectly playable prior to the movie.

The guitar plays easily, with a straight neck and a pleasantly low action.
The nut width is 45 mm and the scale length 625 mm.


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