Early French Romantic Guitar ~1810


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Early romantic guitar in the style of Lacote from ~ 1810 – a beautifully crafted and very good sounding guitar.

This guitar was built around 1810 with very good materials and with highly professional craftmanship. We can’t find a makers stamp anywhere, but the building style clearly makes it to a French guitar of the early romantic period.
It has been possessed and played by Masud Razei Yasdi who is professor for historical instruments at the Conservatorio de Tomás de Torrejón y Velasco. In 2015 this guitar was also meassured and analized by a luthier and has served for a guitar reproduction in the same style.

The guitar sounds fantastic and can easily compete with the best instruments from Lacote.
A very charming sound perfect for getting closer to the authentic sound of the music of such composers as Sor, Giuliani, Aguado, Legnani, Diabelli, Carulli, Coste and Legnani, just to name a few!
A dream guitar that produces the most beautiful timbres. It also has the volume and power one would expect from such a guitar.

The condition is very good for the age. It has been restored over the years.

The guitar plays easily, with a straight neck and a pleasantly low action.
The nut width is 44 mm and the scale length 646 mm.