Conde Hermanos Media Luna Flamenca Blanca 1a 2007


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We offer a Media Luna by Conde Hermanos, built in 2007 from the legendary shop in Calle Gravina 7 – signed 1a
Conde Hermanos from Madrid are known worldwide. They have significantly influenced the history of guitars and are still the name of flamenco guitars today. The three brothers Faustino, Julio and Mariano Conde took over Domingo Esteso’s shop in 1937, after they had been trained by him for years. The  breakthrough came when more and more flamenco guitarists and also Paco de Lucia discovered the sound quality of Conde Hermanos guitars and bought their guitars at Conde.
All “great guitarists” like Paco de Lucia, Tomatito, Paco Cepero, Moraito and many others play Condes Media Lunas. The connoisseur knows that the material of the guitar gives a unique sound among the high quality flamenco guitars.
This guitar is an impressive example of the art of guitar building at Conde. An instrument that is wonderfully suitable for all kinds of flamenco music and has a great sound quality. It has the incomparable bass and razor-sharp tone for which Conde is famous. The guitar responds very fast.
The beautiful cypress wood supports this great sound and gives the guitar a passionate and charming nuance, which then leads to this beautiful “whiny” tone.
The condition of the guitar is very very good. Except for some fingernail marks and two small marks behind the bridge (probably caused by changing the strings), the guitar is in mint condition. No cracks, breaks or repairs.
It is perfectly adjusted and has the typical flat string position optimized for flamenco. The saddle width is 52 mm and the scale is 664 mm. The top is made of spruce and the back and the sides are made of cypress.
The guitar comes with the original case.