Conde Hermanos Media Luna Flamenca Blanca 1a 1998


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Here is one of the best flamenco guitars available on the market today:
Media Luna by Conde Hermanos, built in 1998 from the legendary shop in the Calle Atocha 53 – signed 1a model
Conde Hermanos Media Luna guitars from Madrid have become known worldwide mainly by Paco de Lucia and have prevailed for their distinctive sound.
All “great guitarists” such as Paco de Lucia, Tomatito, Paco Cepero, Moraito and many others are playing Condes Media Lunas. The connoisseur knows that the material gives the guitar a unique sound among the high-quality flamenco guitars.
The sound of the guitar is incredible and breathtaking: clear and punchy in the middle and bass, with a strong treble. In the studio, as well as live on stage, it is simply gorgeous.
The great 1a cypress wood completes the hot and passionate character of the guitar.
The guitar has been played a lot and the sound has developed.
The guitar is in great condition! Hardly any signs of wear visible. It has a slight crack, which was repaired by my luthier and is absolutely stable.
The guitar comes with an hard case.