Conde Hermanos 1968 “Faustino Conde”

Eine “Media Luna” wie sie Paco de Lucia spielte!
A “media luna” as the one of Paco de Lucia!
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Sie haben hier die Möglichkeit eine herausragende Flamencogitarre zu bekommen:
Faustino Conde 1968 Flamenca Blanca (Conde Hermanos)
Faustino Conde ist der maßgebliche Mann, warum die Conde Gitarren weltruhm erlangten. Nicht nur Paco de Lucia hat wegen des unverwechselbaren Sounds hauptsächlich Conde Hermanos gespielt.
Alle “großen Gitarristen” wie z.B. Tomatito, Paco Cepero, Moraito und viele andere spielen Condes “Media Luna” Gitarren.
Der Kenner weiss, dass das Material der Gitarren und die hochwertige Verarbeitung einen einzigartigen Klang unter den qualitativ hochwertigen Flamencogitarren verleiht.
Der Sound der Gitarre ist unglaublich und atemberaubend: klar und druckvoll in den Mitten und Bässen, mit einem kräftigen Diskant. Sowohl im Studio, als auch live auf der Bühne ist sie einfach traumhaft.
Das tolle 1a Zypressenholz vervollständigt den heißen und leidenschaftlichen Charakter der Gitarre. Romantische Augenblicke sind vorprogrammiert.
– Modell: Media Luna Calle Gravina 7 (handgebaut und handsigniert von Faustino Conde)
– Hölzer: vollmassiv
– Zarge: Zypresse
– Boden: Zypresse
– Griffbrett: Ebenholz
– Lack: hauchdünne, rotfarbene PU-Hochglanzlackierung
– Mensur 661 mm
– Sattelbreite 51 mm
– transparenter und großflächiger Golpeador
– Mechaniken: vergoldetet, sehr leichtgängig und präzise
Im Preis inbegriffen ist ein Gitarrenkoffer.
Der Zustand der Gitarre ist gut!
Die Bespielbarkeit und das Handling sind ausgezeichnet. Die Gitarre besitzt lediglich einige reparierte Stellen. Diese wurden vom Fachmann professionell repariert.
1968 Faustino Conde (Spain)
661 mm scale,
51 mm nut,
spruce top,
cypress sides and back,
Spanish cedar neck,
black ebony fingerboard,
original red-orange varnish with red stained neck,
The three Conde brothers, Faustino, Mariano and Juliano were the nephews of Domingo Esteso, who trained originally in the Manuel Ramirez workshop. Upon the death of Domingo in 1937, his widow continued running the shop with Faustino taking charge of day to day construction. Between the two world wars Domingo Esteso and Santos Hernandez were the leading makers working in Madrid and they enjoyed the patronage of nearly every great guitarist living in Spain, most notably Niño Ricardo who was the new upcoming sensation widely imitated by everyone.
Originally a Santos patron, he shifted to Esteso, and eventually the Condes after receiving a less than satisfactory instrument from Santos. The old Esteso shop at Gravina 7 in Madrid managed by Faustino became Ricardo’s unofficial “office” where he could usually be found, and a young Paco de Lucia would hang out at Faustino’s shop hoping to meet and perhaps learn a falseta or two from his idol.
Paco began playing Faustino’s guitars, the best models having an iconic “half moon” head shape as this one does. Other players such as Manolo Sanlucar and countless aspiring young tocaores both Spanish and foreign quickly caught the wave and propelled the Conde business to significant levels, resulting in their operation of 3 distinct shops in Madrid along with a fourth dedicated to popularly priced instruments during the 1960’s.
This models made by Faustino represent the defining apogee of the Conde success and this instrument is a prime classic example. It plays with almost no effort, and the right hand tension is incredible, perfect for machine gun picados and explosive rasgueados. The strings almost grow out of the top, they are low and the geometry of the instrument is absolutely perfect.
The sound is raw, direct and without hesitation, like a sudden knife thrust to the gut, and when capo’d to the upper ranges, it begs the singer to release their templaos. Some artists such as Manolo Sanlucar have recorded solo albums with Condes like this one, but its really at home on a stage with a singer, dancer and jaleadores, or better yet, in the back room of a colmao with a private juerga.
It is in a good condition, but has had some repairs (all professional done) over the years. Guitars like this one sell for 7000 € – 10000 €. Here for example:
This is a price to sell. This guitar wants to be played!