Casa Arcangel Fernandez


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Casa Arcangel Fernandez – an amazing classical guitar from the famous shop in Madrid!

Arcangel Fernandez is one of the best Spanish luthiers in latter half of the twentieth century. Like his master Marcelo Barbero, Arcangel’s work has played an integral role in defining Spanish guitar.

This nice guitar bearing the label “para casa Arcangel Fernandez” is a guitar built in the shop of Arcangel Fenandez according to his specs.

This guitar has a wonderful, dark sound with bold basses and strong trebles. It has a raspy, open and vibrant sound and is still retaining the warmth and lyrical beauty classical guitarists are searching for.

It is in a very good and original condition, with just one tiny hairline crack, which has been repaired expertly.

It comes with a guitar case.