Carson Robison 1934 Gibson

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Super nice Carson Robison from the Gibson Factory – real Gibson sound for a fracture of the price!

Similar to the Kalamazoo KG-11, this Carson Robison is a very nice small bodied guitar, built in the Gibson Factory in Kalamazoo.

We already had many Gibson L-00 and quite a few Kalamazoo guitars too … this is truly a gem … light like a feather and with an immediate response to the lightest touch it gives you the impression that it plays by itself. A fantastic attack combined with a great dynamic makes this guitar to an unbeatable vintage cannon. It impresses with the sound of old and matured wood – vintage fans can understand what we mean.

This Carson Robison is in good condition for its age. Some cracks have been repaired and the neck has been reset. It has a cool sunburst finish. The bridge is a newer one, sides and back have been refinished. It plays very nice with a straight neck and a low action.