C. Bruno ~1930 “Martin 00-size”

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An extremely good pre-war guitar by C. Bruno ~ 1930 that is remarkably close to a Martin 00-28 from the same period.

Charles Bruno, later C. Bruno & Son, was an important New York dealer of musical instruments with roots going back to the early/mid 1800s.
Bruno was one of the salesmen who distributed C.F. Martin’s guitars beginning in the 1850s. The company was closely associated with Martin Guitars during the formative years of the American guitar. Although this particular guitar was probably not built by C.F. Martin, much of the typical Martin design seems to have gone into its construction.

The guitar is all solid construction with a fine spruce top and rosewood back and sides. The lightweight construction and the relatively large body (Martin 00 size) make the guitar an absolute speciality from our point of view. Here you get the Martin Pre-War sound at 1/10 of the Martin price.

The sound of this guitar is characterised by the light construction. It unfolds an enormous volume and inspires with a fast response. In addition, it has a fantastic vintage character that lets the tones shine in fine timbres. It is a wonderful fingerstyle guitar and a good choice for the recording studio. An absolute joy to play such a fine guitar.

It has had a number of repairs over the years and has recently had a neck reset and a new bridge. The guitar is in stable condition but is definitely not for a collector.
A fine player guitar, for those who don’t want to pay beyond 20000 € to get an authentic Martin Pre-War sound.