Blazer & Henkes Dreadnought



Blazer & Henkes dreadnought guitar – a fine high-end guitar with a powerful and yet charming sound!

Through building their own guitars in the style of traditional American steel string guitars and through specializing in the restoration and repair of American pre-war instruments, they realized how similar these guitars were to the traditional German guitars in construction and materials.

Their new Tuebingen workshop opened in 1996. As aficionados of old American guitars, they have been creating many replicas of these wonderful instruments, authentic not only in their looks, but also in design and construction.

Without a doubt, this nice Dreadnought is one of those fantastic guitars. In a room with several pre-war Guitars, this guitar does not take a back seat. It stands out with a full powerful, yet balanced sound and a playabilty that is as good as it gets. The back and sides are of gorgeous maple. The top is an Alpine Spruce of highest quality.

The guitar has some nicks, dings and scratches of a guitar that has been played and enjoyed. It has a nice pickup installed.

It comes with a nice hiscox guitar case.