Aubry Maire ~1850


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Aubry-Maire ~1850 – rare romantic guitar from France

Joseph Aubry (1801–1867) was a luthier in Mirecourt (France). He most probably married a “Miss Maire” and subsequently built guitars under the hyphenated name of Aubry-Maire (using a hyphenated brand name arising from a marriage or joint venture was a common practice in Mirecourt).
Joseph Aubry was a contemporary of Rene Lacote.

His instruments were highly regarded because his work was precise, his materials were of high quality and his inlay work showed great artistic accomplishment.

This nice guitar can be dated to the time around 1850. It has the typical makers stamp reading “Aubry-Maire” and an importers label “Louis Grunewald – New Orleans”.
The body style is similar to Panormo’s guitars. It is lightly built and has a unique construction with lightly arched top and back. “Built under Tension” was the descriptive phrase for that type of construction.
The top of the guitar is of spruce. The sides of rosewood. The back seams to be some sort of laminated construction, which we often see on romantic guitars. The scale length is 626 mm and the nut width 50 mm.

The guitar sounds nice and immediately impresses with a very sweet tone. The basses are deep and the trebles are smooth, lively and colourful with great expressiveness.
Due to its age and its light weight, the soundis woody, with an ample amount of tonal modulation and dynamic range. This guitar produces sweet tones, whith a lot of charme.

When the guitar came to us it was in pretty rough shape, with lots of repairs (more or less professionally done).
Our luthier gave it a good amount of restoration work to bring it back to life. The guitar plays very nicely with a low action and a straight neck.