Arcangel Fernandez 1964

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This flamenco guitar was made in 1964 by master luthier Arcángel Fernández. He is considered one of the best guitar makers in history and his guitars are very hard to come by, as many of them were bought by collectors from Japan. His guitars are admired by guitar makers, collectors and guitarists all over the world.

He was born in 1932 and started his career as a carpenter. In 1954, he met the great guitar maker Marcelo Barbero, who was considered the best guitar maker in Madrid at the time and had worked with Santos Hernández. Barbero and Fernández are equally imposing figures in the world of guitar making. Arcángel Fernández’s work as a guitar maker, for example, is at the heart of what makes the typical modern flamenco guitar. Many people consider him as the father of the modern flamenco guitar!

Fernández founded a shop with Manuel Rodríguez, which also sold a number of instruments made by other talented guitar makers. In 1959, Marcelo Barbero’s son joined him and they worked together for 40 years.

Fernández’s reputation spread quickly and he became one of the greatest guitar makers in the world. Later in his career, Fernández, who made an average of eight guitars a year, had to stop taking orders for his instruments because the waiting list had become too long. Today, his beautiful creations are revered and he is held in high esteem for what he has achieved in the field of musical instrument making.

This guitar is constructed with the highest quality woods available. The spruce top has a straight and even grain across the entire surface, and the sides and back are made of high-quality cypress.
The scale length is 660 mm and the nut width 51 mm.

The sound of this guitar is spectacular, of powerful quality and great resonance. It has a fullness in the basses and a surprising clarity and melody in the trebles. The quality of the volume and the personality of the guitar elevate this instrument to the top category of flamenco guitars.

The condition of it is very good. The guitar was ordered by a professional musician from Arcangel Fernandez. He treated the guitar very well. Around 10 years ago the french polish has been professionally refreshed.
Playability and condition are at the highest level.

It comes with the original guitar case.