Antonio Ruiz Lopez Vihuela 1984


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High quality Vihuela from Antonio Ruiz Lopez (Paris) – a very noble instrument with excellent sound characteristics!

Antonio Ruiz Lopez is a guitar maker originally from Granada.
He learned the art of guitar making from Alfonso Checa, who is considered one of the most famous guitar makers in Granada.
Later Antonio Ruiz Lopez moved to Paris. There he continued his studies and received the award “Diplomé avec Medaille d’argent” from the French Chamber of Crafts.
As an excellent craftsman and valued instrument maker, he received many orders from customers for stringed instruments.
He then also devoted himself to the reproduction of historical instruments.

This vihuela is one of his masterpieces. As with so many vihuelas, the historical model by Luis Milan 1535/36 served as the basis.
But beyond that, this vihuela has some construction features that make it suitable for the modern guitarist to venture into the world of the vihuela.
It has rosewood back and sides, which give it a special clarity and sustain. The top is made of cedar and brings additional warmth.
In addition, it has 3 finely crafted sound holes, which ingeniously offer the player a perfect sound perception.
The scale length is 652 mm and the nut width is 58 mm.

The sound of this fine vihuela is beautiful and it exudes a certain magic.
It first delights with a transparent and light tone. The sound is very clear, sweet and absolutely charming. Nevertheless, it has the certain warmth and a good sustain.
The volume of sound that this vihuela unfolds is enormous and we were thrilled how the 3 sound holes radiate the sound wonderfully, so that both the listener and the player get a wonderful sound experience.
It is an absolute pleasure to play this fine instrument and let it take you to distant places and times gone by.

This vihuela has one previous owner who ordered it directly from Antonio Ruiz Lopez. It has been treated with extreme care and is in very good condition.

It comes with a custom made case that is very stable and noble.