Antonio Pisa Romantik Guitar “Lacote”


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A wonderful replica of a romantic guitar in the style of Lacote.
Antonio Pisa is still a young and yet highly talented guitar maker from Valladolid in Spain. He mainly builds guitars in the traditional Spanish style. At the customer’s request, as in this case, he builds individual instruments, whereby dimensions, features and appearance are determined in close cooperation with the customer.
This guitar is based on the romantic guitars of the famous French guitar maker Rene Lacote. It is a wonderful instrument that takes us musically to a different time and yet meets today’s standards in terms of playability and comfort.
The guitar has a scale length of 650 mm and a nut width of 52 mm. The top is made of spruce and the back and sides of rosewood.
The small body and the relatively large sound hole allow a great projection of the sound.
Without detours it goes directly to the front and surprises with a clarity and volume that one would not have expected.
An optimal guitar for those guitarists who are looking for a different and exceptional sound, but do not want to deviate from today’s standards of dimensions and playability.