Angel Benito Aguado 2014 “Espanoleta”


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Born in Madrid, Spain, in 1949, Angel Benito Aguado began learning the fundamentals of wood working when he was but a young boy. At age 12, he built his first guitar (though he admits it was a poor affair). However, by the time he was twenty-five, he had established himself as professional guitar maker.

He collaborated early in his making career with Jose Miguel Moreno and his wife Lourdes. Out of this early collaboration date many of the early music guitars, but the early music clarity and sensitivity carries over into the building of his contemporary guitars such as the Marizapalos, Marieta and Espanoleta.

His guitars are all incredibly easy to play on the left hand and incredibly musical.
They are well-tuned and balanced. The notes cascade and “play nicely” with each other with a tinkling musicality that is refreshing; add to this the ease of playing and this becomes an enchanting guitar that you can just let your fingers drift up and down the fretboard, even on the difficult pieces you’re still trying to bed down.

The Espanoleta is the top model to come out of the Angle Benito Aguado workshop. Made entirely by hand by the master himself and inspired by the Madrid school of guitar building, the Espanoleta model uses the low bridge of the Madrid school, and traditional bracing.

Nevertheless, it is the result of careful experiments with proportions and weight making the Espanoleta extremely light for a high- end concert guitar. It is entirely French polished and this translates into a rich, refined tone, and is wonderfully playable.

It is a true concert guitar instrument: powerful guitar with great depth of tone, wonderful, deep, rich resonant basses that are nicely balanced against full rounded trebles. It sings even in the highest registers. It has a huge amount of complexity of tone colour
It is an exceptional instrument which we thought would appeal to an extremely experienced player able to enjoy the lyricism of this guitar.

It should be noted that the top on this guitar is made with the highest grade German spruce available, giving its tone a crystalline clarity of sound.


650 mm string length.

Fingerboard width: 52 mm at nut.

Back and Sides: Indian Rosewood

French polished top

Tuners: Rubner

Case: Cibeles


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