Andres Marin “Augustin Barrios” ~1900


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Very rare – this guitar is a unique piece built by the master Andres Marin (Valencia) – Augustin Barrios had a similar Andres Marin guitar!

The government of Paraguay has used a similar guitar as a model for the production of the 50.000 Guarani banknote on which Barrios and his guitar is shown.
It is one of the most beautiful decorated Andres Marin guitars we have seen.

Andrés Marin (active from 1880-1950) was one of the most renowned guitar makers in Valencia. He married the widow of Agustin Almonacid, who had a guitar factory on Calle Barcelona 17 and whose successor he became around 1882. The factory produced guitars, bandurrias, lutes, mandolins and a variety of other instruments.
In 1882 and 1883 Andrés Marin won gold medals for his exceptional guitar building skills and was awarded the title of best guitar maker in the world at the time.

This guitar is a masterpiece that was built by himself in finest handcraft. It can probably be dated to the time around 1900.

It has an incredibly powerful sound and sounds very much like what we know from Torres. It has a mild tone that can only be found in well-built master guitars from the old times.

The guitar is in a lightly restored and well playable condition!


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