Jose Romero classical


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The Spanish luthier José Romero Garrido was born in Baeza (Jaén) April 12, 1954. In 1968, when he was but fourteen, he began his professional career as a guitar maker, entering as an apprentice in the workshop of José Ramirez. There he develloped outstanding skills, became master builder and one of the leading builders in the Ramirez shop.
In 1983, desiring to build instruments of his own design, José left Ramirez and opened his own workshop.

Jose Romero works alone, and builds fine handmade classical and flamenco guitars using traditional techniques. As a result his production is limited.

This classical concert possess a wonderful and sweet tone. The trebles are clear and concentrated. The basses are firm. The balance between trebles and basses is excellent. All of this, in a very musical instrument– that possess all the qualities one expects in a great classical guitar.

This guitar is well adjusted and plays very nice. It has a 664 mm scale length and a 52 mm nut width. The top is made of spruce and the back and sides of beautiful rosewood.

The guitar has been brought back to Jose Romero for some repairwork and adjustments – everything works fine now.

It comes with the original guitar case.