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  • Alfonso Checa a great master builder!

    … This classical guitar was built by Alfonso Checa in Baza (Granada) in 1967.
    Alfonso Checa and the instruments of his studio were awarded with the gold medal at the international fair in Madrid (1953). Some years later at the exhibition in Ronda they received the highest price as well.
  • Juan Miguel Gonzalez … a great flamenco guitar

    Juan Miguel Gonzalez is a very special luthier, not only because he is in the direct line and the last legacy of Antonio de Torres, also because he builds high end handmade guitars with an amazing and individual sound.
    This one is no exception, a flamenco guitar built in 2004 with a breathtaking sound:
  • Manuel Contreras … Double top

    Manuel Contreras is without any doubt one of the most famous luthiers the world has ever seen. His inventions and improvements for the classical guitars are admired and appreciated by many.
    One of his achievments was the design of the “Double Top”, which Contreras presented in 1974, after a number of experiments in order to improve the tone, volume and projection of his instruments.
    Read more about the details:
  • Jeronimo Perez … extremly good

    Jeronimo Perez is one of these young and fomous luthiers in Spain. He combines a careful and dedicated construction with the best sound and his own personality.
    With this he succeeded in attracting guitarists such as Antonio Rey, Paco Cepero, Diego del Morao, Miguel Salado, Bolita, Jesús Guerrero, Antonio Moya… etc. came to his workshop and searched for one of these instruments.


  • Hopf Gran Concierto

    Doieter Hopf Gran Concertio – A true master built classical guitar that costs round $5850 new today.
    Since 1669 Hopf has a name in instrument making. Since then, the chronology can be fully documented to this day. The now 340-year-old family tradition and the more than 40-year experience alone by Dieter Hopf gives an idea of ​​what knowledge is represented in the Hopf guitars.
    Dieter Hopf was born in Zwota / Vogtland in 1936, completed a 2-year training as a violin maker in Mittenwald and finally specialized in guitar making. Since 1968 he works as a master builder in Taunusstein.
  • Manuel Reyes – the King of Flamenco Guitars!

    Manuel Reyes (1934-2014) is doubtlessly the most famous flamenco guitar maker in Spain at the time of his death.
    Manuel made only about 20 guitars a year. His flamenco guitars were in such demand, and his waiting list was so long, that he stopped taking new orders more than 20 years ago. Since his death, the demand for his guitar has only increased.

  • Alfonso Checa – one of those great luthiers from Granada

    Alfonso Checa and the instruments of his studio were awarded with the gold medal at the international fair in Madrid (1953). Some years later at the exhibition in Ronda they received the highest price as well. During his life he built guitars for Gerundino Fernandez and Antonio Marin Montero. He was very respected among the luthiers of Granada.
    The sound of this guitar is outstanding. The basses have a very special depth and the trebles are very clear.
    It has an absolutely charming classical sound and the soound has a very nice vintage timbre.

  • Viuda y Sobrinos de Domingo Esteso 1961 (Conde Hermanos)

    … a guitar from the best time! During the 60’s the 3 Conde brothers became world famous and almost every flamenco guitarist started to play Conde guitars!
    Check this beautiful guitar:


  • Chet Atkins prefered guitar …

    Juan Estruch is one of the venerable luthiers in Spain. Well known among the musicians are the guitars like this one from the « yellow label » period. They have a deep and rich sound and are appreciated by musicians and collectors alike.
    They are also known through Chet Atkins. When asked shortly before his death which of his hundreds of guitars he most preferred, he unhesitatingly chose his 1964 Juan Estruch. In fact, this was the guitar that Atkins played daily and on which he made many of his « basement recordings » that were found after his death.
  • Andreas Wahl – classical guitar in the style of Torres

    Here is one of the best concert guitars I’ve ever had in my hand. An Andreas Wahl concert guitar in the Torres style.
    Since the 70’s Andreas Wahl is engaged in the construction of musical instruments.
    After his training as a guitar builder and the following master examination he opened his own workshop.
    There he builds classical guitars, repairs and restores instruments of the old masters. Guitars by Torres and Hauser are his specialty. They serve as models for his hand-made top models.
    Andreas Wahl is one of the best guitar builders in Germany today.
    The guitar is characterized by a very sweet, warm sound. Especially in the highs this warmth supports the wonderful cantabile of melody tones.