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Norman Rodriguez son of Manuel Rodriguez is an amazing luthier – his guitars are built to highest standarts. Many famous musician and even Holywood icons ordered guitars from Rodriguez.

Manuel Rodríguez Sr (1926-2008) learned his craft from his father, himself a constructor of flamenco and classical guitars. In 1939, he went to work for Jose Ramirez. In 1945 he began moonlighting, making his own guitars at home.
In 1955, he finally opened his own workshop in Madrid.
In 1959 was a big change in his career and he decided to move to Los Angeles, California, where he opening a workshop at 10400 Willshire Blvd. In Los Angeles he conducted research together with engineers at UCLA to improve the design of bracings, frets, tie-blocks, etc.
During his time in Hollywood he was making guitars for professionals, Hollywood actors, teachers, and students. He became famous and his guitars got an international reputation.

In 1973, he moved back to Madrid and opened a shop at calle Hortaliza.
In 1991, he opened a factory in Almansa, Albacete to produce a full line of Manuel Rodriguez guitars. In 1994, the factory moved to Illescas, Toledo.

Beside all this Manuel Rodriguez trained his sons and they continued to make handmade highend guitars, like the one we offer.

This guitar was 100% handmade in Madrid, Spain, by the master builder Norman Rodriguez. It is a display of the finest woods and craftsmanship available. The top is solid cedar, while the back and sides are the most visually stunning rosewood.
The rosewood was hand selected from the families private stock and has a history as rich as its appearance and tone.

Only a few of these remarkable instruments were built every year and because of the scarcity and unique character of the woods, no two can, or will ever look the same. This guitar represents both mother nature and craftsmen at their finest.
The scale lengths is 650 mm and the nut width 52 mm.

This guitar has a powerful and responsive sound, with brilliant trebles and deep, round basses. The notes are rich in harmonics, the timbre is deep and of great beauty.
Perhaps among the most powerful of the Madrid instruments, this guitar also has a very elegant, lyrical voice with a very rich and thick quality of tone across all registers. At the same time it is very clear and balanced – very impressive, with a huge bite at the attack of every note. A very endearing instrument.

This guitar is in good condition for its age. It plays nice with a low action and a straight neck.
It has been well kept and shows only light wear of play and use.

The guitar comes with a suitable case.


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