Miguel Dominguez romantic guitar (Rene Lacote)


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Miguel Dominguez amazing romantic guitar – very good reproduction of a Rene Lacote guitar!

Miguel Dominguez is a Spanish luthier who specialized in reproducing historical guitars.
When we came across his guitars we were amazed about the fine craftsmanship and the stunning sound of his instruments.
All of his guitars are entirely handcrafted and finely worked out.
He uses traditional methods, very good woods and natural materials.

The particular guitar sounds fantastic and can easily compete with the best instruments from Lacote.
A very charming sound perfect for getting closer to the authentic sound of the music of such composers as Sor, Giuliani, Aguado, Legnani, Diabelli, Carulli, Coste and Legnani, just to name a few!
A dream guitar that produces the most beautiful timbres. It also has the volume and power one would not have expected for in such a guitar.

The condition is very good.

The guitar plays easily, with a straight neck and a pleasantly low action.
The nut width is 51 mm and the scale length 620 mm.


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